St Michael's Church

Serving God and the Community

Welcome to St Michael’s, Bishop’s Stortford

The church is open as a quiet place for visitors, as well as for regular daily services and for private prayer. We welcome families and have crèche and Sunday school facilities for children of all ages at the Parish Communion service. We aim to be a welcoming and transforming community of people who know, love and serve God. We are part of the Church of England.

Morning Prayer 8.45am Monday – Friday

Saturday 17th

9am-5pm – Marriage Preparation Course, WCC CH
9:30am – Prayers for our community
10am-12noon – Big Church Clean

Sunday 18th

8am – Holy Communion, Lady Chapel
10am – Parish Communion

Monday 19th

10am – Craft Group, WCC CH
3:50 for 4pm – Youth Confirmation session, WCC CH
5-6pm – Galaxy Beavers visit
8pm – Adult Confirmation session, WCC CH

Tuesday 20th

12:30pm – Lent Meditation, Lady Chapel
1pm – Lent Lunch, WCC CH
7:45pm – WLTC rehearsal, WCC CH

Wednesday 21st

10am – Holy Communion
10:45am – Tiny Tots
7:45-10pm – CTBS Forum, WCC CH
8-10pm – WLTC auditions, WCC1/2
8pm – Deanery Synod, St Mary’s Standon

Thursday 22nd

10:30am – Quiet Day, Albury
11:30am – Thanksgiving service for Peter Maslen
1pm – Rehearsal
1:30-2pm – Bishop’s Stortford College recital
7:45pm – WLTC rehearsal, WCC CH

Friday 23rd

6:30pm – Choir open rehearsal
7:30pm – Choir refreshments, WCC CH

Saturday 24th

9:30am – Prayers for our community
10am – Interviews for Banns and Weddings (by appointment only)
7 for 7:30pm – Quiz Night for Nabikabala, WCC CH

Sunday 25th

8am – Holy Communion, Lady Chapel
10am – Parish Communion
12:30pm – Holy Baptism
3pm – Cake with the Clergy, WCC CH
6pm – Evensong

St Michael's Church, Bishops Stortford

St Michael’s is the church at the
centre of Bishop’s Stortford. There has probably been a church on this site
since the seventh century,  but the church as seen today was largely built
in the early 1400’s.

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