Home Groups/Fellowship Groups 

St Michael's has a number of Home Groups that meet together, usually on a fortnightly basis, for fellowship in members' homes or at the Windhill Churches Centre.  Some meet in the evenings and some are daytime groups.

Home Groups give all members of our Church the opportunity to explore and deepen their faith in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, and they give members the chance to develop stronger and more supportive friendship links than is usually possible when we just meet on a Sunday at Church.  A typical Home Group meeting will last a couple of hours and will have time for Bible study, discussion and prayer, as well as for fellowship and refreshment.  

Here are some of the questions the Home Groups have been tackling recently -

  • How can I go deeper into God?
  • How can I learn more about the Christian life?
  • What does the Bible mean?
  • How can we care for one another?

The groups are currently as follows

Meeting Time Contact (via Parish Office)
Tuesday afternoon The Revd Derek Hinge
Tuesday evening Jenny Klincke
Tuesday evening Claire Conquest
Thursday morning Peter Rixson
Thursday evening Katharine Stanley
Friday morning Angela Weeks

If you would like to join one of the existing Home Groups, contact the relevant person or The Revd Derek Hinge via the Parish Office, and they will help you to get involved.  If you are interested in setting up a new group, please speak to Derek. 

In addition there are other fellowship groups such as the TLC Club, which meets on the first Tuesday each month, from 2-4:30pm in the Charnley Hall, Windhill Churches Centre.  It provides an opportunity for anyone who wishes to attend to be able to join in with tea and talk, read the paper, play board games … and then later in the afternoon we welcome families after school for a short while, to share in reading/play and enjoy a biscuit/cake/fruit snack.

The Craft Group also functions as a fellowship group.