Children and Young People

This is a page especially for our young friends at St Michael's!


We welcome children as full members of our Church, and there are many opportunities for children and young people to be involved in the life of the Church.  See the links at the bottom of the page for more info.


Advent and Christmas Activities!

Advent is the time of the year when we start thinking about WAITING, GETTING READY and COUNTING DOWN to Christmas, that exciting and wonderful time of hope and promise that the birth of baby Jesus offers. 
To help us get ready, each week we're going to add more Advent activities, crafts and worship to share with your families, so don't forget to come back to this page and keep checking to see what's new!

Join in the Journey of Mary, Joseph and the Donkey with our Travelling Crib
Ask your parents to sign up to the Virtual Travelling Crib from 1st to 24th December!  It's just two ten minute fellowship sessions on Zoom and you can then display the Crib Figures in your front window!  On Christmas Day we'll share a picture of Mary and Joseph's journey via all the front windows but to make it happen we need people to sign up!  Email the Parish Office for more information.

Click on these images to print your cut-out figures:
Travelling Crib MaryTravelling Crib JosephTravelling Crib Donkey 
Download your Virtual Travelling Crib Fellowship Service here.

Build a Nativity Scene
Advent craft creatorsWhy not build this lovely Nativity Scene week by week, with the help of Sarah, one of our mums, and her daughter Flora.
Click on the links below for the story and easy instructions which will tell you how to do it.  Each week we'll add a new set of characters to make!
Mary and Angel Gabriel
Joseph and Donkey

The Hope of ChristmasThe-Hope-of-Christmas
St Michael's Church is part of a bigger group of churches called the "Diocese of St Albans" and they have some great ideas for things you might like to do this Advent and Christmas.  Each week we'll share something new for you:
Advent 1: Ideas for Prayers
Advent 2: The Hope of Christmas Nativity Episode 1

Minecraft Nativity
We love this one too!  Back in October we asked one of our church families if they would tell the Christmas story using Minecraft and the results were FANTASTIC!
We'll be sharing that with you in a couple of weeks so come back here to check it out!

Advent for Teens and Young Adults
Check out Bridge's information towards the bottom of this page to find out more about events that might be more relevant to those aged 11-20. 


Look logo

Try these 'Look' activity sheets!

There's a Bible story, some fun puzzles and a short prayer to say with your grown-ups.
Click on the button to see this month's selection  ⇒
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Godly Story

Here's this week's Godly Story

You might like to watch this week’s Godly Story.  Every week there's a fab new video of a Bible story, made by people from St Albans Diocese (that's the group of churches around us that St Michael's Church is a part of).  It's got questions at the end that you can wonder about and talk about together with your grown-ups afterwards.  Find the video on YouTube HERE!

Quick quiz image

Can you beat this quiz?
You'll need to have a look around the churchyard and on some other question markpages on this website for your answers! Click on the Quick Quiz to pull up a full-size version to print.
Here are the answers ... no peeking! 

Have a look at this Stop Motion Filming!Filmstrip
Our Youth Group created this bit of silliness back in 2013 and it's still fun to watch.  Click on the pic below to find the 'Youth Group Animation' video on our media page ⇒IMGP0067


Who is Saint Michael?

St Michael, West Window
He's an Archangel (one of the most important of God's angels) and is mentioned a few times in the Bible - why not see if you can find him:20200925 125238
Daniel, Chapter 10 and 12
Jude, Chapter 1
The most famous story is mentioned right at the end of the Bible:
Revelation, Chapter 12, verses 7–9
"Then there was a war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought back. But the dragon was not strong enough. He and his angels lost their place in heaven. He was thrown down out of heaven. (The giant dragon is that old snake called the devil or Satan. He leads the whole world the wrong way.) The dragon with his angels was thrown down to the earth."   International Children's Bible
St Michael

Click on this picture of St Michael to print and colour it in ⇒
You can find pictures of St Michael in a few places in our church too:  he's one of the four archangels in the West Window and there's a banner of him too.
We celebrate St Michael's special day on 29th September, or the Sunday nearest to it.
You might want to think of St Michael whenever you feel lonely, scared, or tempted. 

Bridge Youth Church

Bridge Youth Church

This is a BRILLIANT group for young people aged between 11-20.  It was set up by the youth teams of three churches, including St Michael's and meets for worship, friendship, exploring key issues, fun activities and trips ... oh, and food!
Click on the picture here to visit their website which has loads more information ⇒

Speech marks
"As we near December it's natural to begin preparing for Christmas and making ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the hope for the future it represents. And with the year we've all had in 2020, hope for the future is more important than its been in quite a while!

If you've not been along to Bridge on Zoom during this year, please don't feel awkward! It's been such a tough year, and we'd love to see each and every one of you, if it's been a while - even if it's been AAAAAAAAAAAGES. Christmas really is a time for everyone to get together - the more the merrier!!

With the current restrictions in place, here's what we have planned for Bridge for December 2020.  (For all the meeting details email" ...

Sunday 29th November @19:30 - 'Connect' discussion group on Zoom:
We're talking on the subject of 'Unity' - how can we be united and cooperative with those people we disagree with - an interesting topic with a couple of fun exercises to work through as we explore this very topical issue! 

Sunday 6th December @17:30 - Bridge Christmas Worship:
Our last Bridge worship of 2020 and - hopefully - one of the last held over Zoom. We know it's been tough not being together at Holy Trinity or one of our other parish churches this year, but we'd really encourage you to come along to this session where we'll sing some Christmas classics, think about that hope for the future and 2021 (!!!) and have a fun mini-quiz at the end, with questions - hopefully - on topics chosen by our young people. We'd love to see you there!

Sunday 13th December @19:30 'Connect' discussion group:
Topic to be confirmed. Watch this space!

January 2021:
Our first Bridge Worship of 2021 will be on Sunday 3rd January @17:30. More details will be confirmed a bit nearer the time.


St Michael's School

There's lots of information about our wonderful church school of St Michael's on our St Michael's School page (including a link to the school website) but that's mostly a way for us to tell your grown-ups about things.
Here's something that might appeal to you guys and your families ...School logo
Staff and pupils have created some fantastic worship videos which you might like to watch and share together ⇒

Click on these links below to find out about more ways you can be involved -
Parish Praise
Young Servers 
Youth Groups
Junior Church
Bridge Youth Church