Young Servers 

Young Servers assist in the preparation and administration of Holy Communion/Eucharist.  Young Servers wear vestments (robes) and process with the clergy, communion assistants and adult servers.  Young Servers are usually on duty with an experienced, adult server.  There are duties for the service before (e.g. lighting candles), during (e.g. holding the Gospel Book), and after (e.g. snuffing candles).

There is a little bit to learn but full training is given and there are always plenty of people around in the service to ask if they’re not sure.  Young Servers are rewarded with feeling that they are assisting in and giving dignity to the worship of Almighty God, by helping God’s people concentrate on the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

If you might be interested in becoming a Young Server then have a chat with a member of the clergy team or contact Claire Conquest via the Parish Office.