SermonsSermons are preached by the clergy on Sunday and other special services. Sermons can vary in style – they usually focus on one of the Bible readings of the day and what meaning this has for us. Sermons can provide academic insights from the study of ancient Bible translations or provide an entertaining and challenging new insights to very modern dilemmas.

Click on the audio symbol to hear the recording or alternatively right-click on the symbol will allow you download the full mp3 file to your device.

Date  Title  Audio
 29th January 2017  Presentation of Christ Presentation of Christ
22nd January 2017  3rd Sunday of Epiphany 3rd Sunday of Epiphany
01st January 2017  Naming & circumcision of Jesus Audio - Naming & Circumcision of Jesus
 25th December  Christmas Day Audio - Christmas Day

Listening to Sermons

You will need a MP3 audio player to listen to the sermons. If you are running Microsoft Windows, you will probably already have the Windows Media Player installed. If, after clicking on the link to the audio version of the Sermon, you do not hear anything, then you probably need to download and install a media player. The following links will enable you to download and install a suitable MP3 player.

    • Microsoft Windows Media Player – Microsoft’s new player; plays MP3 and much more
    • Real Audio Player – a common, free player that supports multiple formats.
    • Sonique – advanced, well developed player; allows you to save file while listening to streaming audio
    • iTunes is an Apple product used for playing and organising digital audio and video. It is available on personal computers running the OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.


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