Schedule of Work for Bells Restoration 


Sunday 17h April

The last ringing on the bells before the restoration. 


Tuesday 19th April

A. James Ltd to disconnect the clock and dismantle the drive mechanism for the three extra clock faces.

Tuesday 19th April to Friday 29th April

Clearing/fitting protection for the clock chamber, ringing chamber, storeroom, church office and kitchen.

Dismantle and pack the simulator, cameras and dumb bell.

Remove ropes, wheels, stays, sliders and clappers from the bells.

On Thursday 21st April scaffolders to erect protective handrails around the floor access hatches in the clock chamber, ringing room, storeroom and office.

Open the access hatches in readiness for the bellhangers.


Tuesday 3 May to Tuesday 10 May 2022

Whites of Appleton, assisted by local labour, to remove the bells from the tower.

When the bells are taken down they will be placed on display in the south aisle.


On Monday 9th May and Tuesday 10th May the bells will be taken out through the North door from where they will be loaded by telehandler on to a flatbed lorry parked in the driveway.

When the bells are returned the same procedure will be followed but in reverse.


Monday 16 May to Friday 19 August 2022

Lodge & Sons Builders Ltd will be carrying out building works:-

Raise the old bell frame in the tower and secure on steel beams.

Remove the floor in the bell chamber

Fit new ships ladders from the ringing room up to the top of tower

Fit a walkway around the old bell frame

Fit acoustic shutters to the four louvre windows

Fit a new floor to the bell chamber


Monday 8 August to Wednesday 10 August 2022

Whites, assisted by local labour, to install grillage beams. Lodge will concrete beam ends into pockets cut in the walls.

Monday 22 August to Monday 12 September 2022

Whites, assisted by local labour, will rehang the bells in the tower.

The old 4th bell will be rehung in the old frame.


W/C Monday 5 September 2022

A. James Ltd to connect the hourly clock striking mechanism to the tenor bell and reinstall mechanisms to North, South and West clock faces. The clock would then be restarted.

Simulator and dumb bell to be reinstalled at this time.

Monday 5 September to Monday 19 September 2022

Local labour will reinstate access hatches and return items from storage to the Clock chamber, Ringing chamber, Storeroom and Parish Office.