Pastoral Group (PCC) 

The Pastoral Group is one of the subgroups of the PCC.

The function of the Pastoral Group is to focus the Church’s attention on its vision to be a community of people who love and serve God and on its mission to deepen our love of God through fellowship with each other and to widen our service of God through having greater compassion and care for and contact with each other, in particular by promoting the work of smaller groups within the church in which such fellowship, compassion, care and contact can develop, by assisting in setting up mechanisms to ensure that people in need in the congregation are cared for and not overlooked, by providing opportunities for private and small group intercession for spiritual growth and healing, and by promoting activities which build up the Church as a cohesive, but open and welcoming, community of Christian people.  (PCC Groups Terms of Reference adopted 12 Sept 2005)