Information for Junior Choristers 

Whether they are already playing instruments to a high standard or just love singing around the house, we welcome all children from 7 years old upwards to consider joining the choir at St Michael's.

Free singing lessons for the children are provided by our Director of Music under the auspices of the Voice for Life chorister training scheme devised by The Royal School of Church Music.

Many wider benefits come from an improved ability to read music and general musicianship, particularly for those learning a musical instrument.

Singing in a choir is an immensely satisfying and enjoyable team activity for singers of all ages, which is illustrated by our success in maintaining a full four-part choir.


Joining any choir is a commitment and no less so than the commitment required for any other successful team activity, be it football, hockey, Brownies or Scouts etc.

Choir practice is on Friday evenings during term time and all choristers are expected to attend as many of these as possible.

The commitment for new trebles is limited to Friday evening choir practices and attendance on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month for the 10am service, before which a short practice is held at 9.30am.

Friday night Rehearsals
6pm: Voice for Life/Singing lessons (on rotation)
6.20pm-7.20pm: Choristers Rehearsal
7.30pm-8pm: Full Choir Practice

2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
9.25am: Robe
9.30am: Rehearsal
10am: Parish Eucharist

Choir Pay (Trebles only)

Our trebles are paid for each service and practice they attend.  The current scale of pay ranges from 60p per practice/service for probationers to over £2 for the Head Chorister. This is paid in cash at the beginning of each term (in arrears). Trebles are paid a flat rate of £5 for each wedding that they sing at – usually in the summer.

If you are interested in your child becoming a chorister, then please contact the Director of Music, Richard Carr at or via the Parish Office.