Worship & Music Group

Chaired by Graham Savage

The function of the Worship and Music Group is to focus the church’s attention on its vision to be people who know, love, and serve God. Its mission is to broaden our knowledge of God through preaching and to deepen our love of God through worship and prayer, in particular by ensuring that the acts of corporate worship offered to God are carried out to the highest standard possible. It is important that the atmosphere, decoration and ordering of the church building is conducive to such worship, that people have the resources required to enable them to worship, to pray and to hear the preaching, and that all music is made as part of the offering of worship to God and in a way which inspires people and brings them closer to God. The Group has direct or supervisory responsibilities for a number of activities embracing the overall running of our Church services, from worship through music to such items as cleaning of robes and other ancillary tasks. All of these matters are an integral part of our worship at St Michaels and it is important that there is proper coordination.