Parochial Church Council

This is the main “management” tool of St. Michael’s and is made up of –

The Vicar and clergy team.

The 2 Churchwardens (elected by all members of the Parish on an annual basis). The Churchwardens are responsible to the Bishop for the conduct of services and the general running of St. Michael’s.

15 people from the Electoral Roll, who are elected for a three-year term at the annual Parish Meeting (the APCM) by other members of the Electoral Roll, with a third retiring annually.

5 members who represent the church on the Deanery Synod, which is the administrative body looking after the ten parishes which make up the Bishop’s Stortford Deanery of which we are part.

The PCC is responsible for the overall administration of the Parish and for policy-making decisions.  It meets four times a year.  The majority of the other church committees report directly to this Council.

Minutes Of Meetings

 21st November 2016  PCC Minutes 21st November 2016
 19th September 2016  PCC Minutes, 19th September 2016

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