Other Groups That Keep Things Going


The Assistant Wardens are responsible for the setting up of the church prior to each service, including any sound system requirements, display of the hymn boards and ensuring that there are sufficient sidesmen present.  They also supervise the presentation of the bread and wine to the altar and the counting and securing of the collection.

SIDESPEOPLE (Contact Carol MacDonald)

These people are the first point of contact with members of the congregation, whether new or old, and visitors, and are therefore very important to the life of the church. In addition to their welcoming role, they hand out and retrieve hymn and prayer books, and take up and count the offerings. Some 50 people are involved on a rotating basis, each person usually being involved once a month for each service.


There is a team of people who, again on a rota basis, carry out the important tasks of preparing the altar and communion table and assisting the clergy in administering the bread and wine to the congregation.


There are teams of people who, respectively, read the lessons, lead the prayers (intercessions) and lead the congregation in singing the psalms.

FLOWERS (Contact Claire Conquest)

The floral decorations in the church are organised by a team of men and women from the congregation who give their time voluntarily to this rewarding activity. A rota is kept in the Parish Office.

COFFEE ROTA (Contact Rosemary Thomson)

This team provides refreshments after the main Sunday service.

CLEANING GROUP (Contact Maureen Smith)

The church is cleaned by teams of four from a rota maintained in the Parish Office. The more people on the rota the fewer number of times in the year people are involved!

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