Charitable Giving

Charity Registration Number 1130646

Charities Support Group

Our Charities Support Group is responsible for deciding, on behalf of the PCC, which charities and organisations should be given money from the Charities Support budget.  This budget is made up of both funds that are entrusted to the Committee by the PCC for charitable giving, (which amount to around 10% of the Church’s general income) plus funds that are raised by specific Charities Support Group activities such as the annual Holly Fair.

Our aim is to give a tenth of our income (a tithe) to support the work of various missionary and charitable organisations working in the UK and overseas.

We see this as a practical way of demonstrating the gospel imperative to love our neighbours as ourselves.

In deciding which charities and organisations to support, the Charities Support Group will be guided by the Charities Support Group Giving Policy, available for download here:-


We also support the Children’s Society, Christian Aid and hold ‘Red Bucket Appeals’ in the case of natural disaster and international emergency appeals.

The Children’s Society

The Children's SocietyThe Children’s Society is a national Christian charity committed to pursuing the rights and welfare of children, young people and their families.  Its projects include refuges for young runaways, family centres in areas of high unemployment, independent living projects for young people leaving care, family placements for children with special needs, and respite care so that families can take a weekend break or holiday.  The Society seeks to encourage everyone to listen more attentively to what children are telling us and to address the social issues which concern them.  In Bishop’s Stortford and at St Michael’s many people support the fundraising effort by having a collecting box at home or in their place of work.

We also support the work of The Children’s Society through our annual Christingle service at Candlemas at the beginning of February, in collaboration with children from St Michael’s School.

Contact – Pat Matthews


Charitable Giving in 2015

I am pleased to report that during 2015 we made total donations of £21,200, with £8500 going to ‘Home’ [local] organisations and £10,500 to Overseas organisations. In addition, £2150 was sent to special appeals including the Nepal Earthquake Appeal £500 and the Red Cross Refugee Appeal £1000. £500 has been sent to the Cumbria Flood Relief Fund and a further ‘red bucket’ appeal is currently taking place to raise further money for flood relief across the North of England and Scotland.

A new initiative for this year was support for the Night Shelter at Holy Trinity with £1000 donated to help with start-up costs. Other major local donations were £1500 towards Holy Bible Week and £1000 to Mencap.

Featured amongst our Overseas donation were £1500 to Nabikabala School in Africa and £1500 to the Church Missions Society in support of work in Malta with refugees arriving from the Middle East.

As usual our main fund-raising event was the Holly Fair which raised £3085, very similar to previous years and a big thank you must go to everyone who helped with the event. In addition we received £12,000 funding from St. Michaels PCC.

We have £2000 in our bank account at the end of the year which is available for donations including any ‘emergency’ requests.

Treasurer, Charities Support Group

We have recently supported the following organisations:


Nabikabala School Hall Project

Nabikabala is in the Namatumba district of Uganda. The school hall project was started in 2010 and will fulfill the following objectives:

  • Will be used for the whole school (over 700 pupils)
  • Can be used for activities involving several schools
  • Can be used for children to take the exam at the end of primary school
  • Whole community will benefit from activities that attract people in the surrounding areas

A status update on the project can be downloaded as a PDF document.


In the UK, we supported the following local and national organisations and charities –



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