LentLent is a season in which we particularly reflect upon our weakness and wrongdoing as people and God’s incredible mercy and forgiveness. It is traditionally a time of fasting and prayer and many people today still ‘give something up’ for Lent.

As we pilgrimage through this season, St Michael’s has a number of services and events to which all are most welcome. St Alban’s Diocese also runs a ‘Lent Challenge‘ which you might like to take up, rather than give something up this Lent. There are also various Lent Church home groups; more information on these can be found in our downloadable Lent flier, the church or by contacting the Parish Office.

Ash Wednesday


Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Ashes are an ancient sign of penitence (saying sorry) and traditionally we begin Lent by being marked in ash with the sign of the cross as the priest says: ‘Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return. Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ.’ This is a reminder of our own mortality and sinfulness as we go on in Lent to reflect upon God’s love, mercy and forgiveness for all of us.

Ash Wednesday Services at St Michael’s
Wednesday 1st March 2017

10am – Holy Communion with the Imposition of Ashes
8pm –  Holy Communion with the Imposition of Ashes – with the Choir and Hymns

Jesus and Israel: The Old Testament in the New
Monday, 8-9:15pm in the Lady Chapel, St Michael’s Church

A series of teaching and meditation sessions exploring the centrality of the Old Testament to our understanding of Jesus. The Vicar will share some of his insights on the Old Testament from his Study Leave last year.

6th Mar – Creation and recreation
13th Mar – God’s law and God’s grace
20th Mar – Wilderness and exile
27th Mar – Passover and Exodus

Lent Meditations and Soup Lunches
“The Things Jesus Carried”

SoupThis is a short reflective service (lasting about 25 minutes) in which we reflect upon a piece of art. It normally includes some reflection upon biblical readings, pieces of music and we sometimes sing a hymn together. This is followed by a homemade soup lunch in the WCC in which we ask for a small donation (all proceeds go to support Mary’s Meals, a charity for the hungry in Africa).

These are held on Tuesdays in Lent (from the 7th Mar to the 4th Apr) at 12:30pm in the Lady Chapel in Church. Lunch is served about 1pm.

7th Mar – His followers’ disappointments
14th Mar – The cross
21st Mar – The hopes of God
28th Mar – The sins of the world
4th Apr – A seamless robe

Quiet Day

Thursday 30th March – 10:30am at the White Cottage, Albury

The Rev’d June Knight will be holding a special day of reflection at her home in Albury: with coffee at 10:30am, then a period of silence from 11am (a time to walk, paint, read, pray or even sleep). Shared Holy Communion at 3pm and the day ends with tea, cake and fellowship. Contact June on 01279 771756.

St Alban’s Diocese – Lent Challenge

More information can be found here: St Alban’s Diocesan Lent Challenge