Home Groups

There are several home groups consisting of members of the church who meet on a regular basis for discussion, study, prayer, mutual support and fellowship, and for fun.  They offer a protected setting for members to use their gifts and talents and to share more intimate situations in life, and they can provide a focus on their members’ ministry to the church, or ministries outside the church.  Church home groups connect members from similar life situations, or they simply connect members–so no one stands alone. 

Most meet in people’s homes on weekday evenings on a fortnightly basis,  but some meet during the day.

Here is a list of the current groups, all of which welcome new members.

Contact the Parish Office if you would like to join an existing home group, or if you are interested in setting up a new home group.

The Emmaus Home Group

The Emmaus Home group has been running for about 14 years. We currently have 12 members, 7 of whom have been with us from the start – which followed on from an Emmaus Course in St. Michael’s.

Over the years we have supported each other through many trials, tribulations and joys. We have had three deaths of members in the group, but believe me, to hold a study and prayer session round a dying member’s bed is the most amazingly powerful experience.

We spend a time each session exchanging news, discussing important events and praying for each other and those who are important to us. We are never short of “chat”; maybe, sometimes, there is a little too much, but it makes us a friendly and interactive group.

We meet in members homes on alternating Thursday evenings during term time and usually, but not exclusively, the host leads the meeting. Over the years we have studied various courses, initially suggested by the ministry team, but latterly members have decided to cover various books of the bible with study notes, or various aspects of our faith and what difference it makes to the way we lead our lives. Sometimes we use videos as well as discussion books.  We have also participated in home group lead services at Parish Praise and try to have an “in house” communion service once a term.

We are just about to embark on a change of learning style, and use Archbishop John Sentamu’s book “Faith Stories”, reading chapters independently and relating them to bible passages as we discuss them in a “Book club” style meeting – this is an experiment!

We anticipate that there will be a great deal of animated discussion and fellowship over this.

Leader is James Hellis  

Church Home Group

We meet on alternate Thursday mornings in the Charnley Hall.  We begin each meeting with a prayer and then spend an hour or so studying a bible related topic, finishing with a social half hour over coffee and cake.  We take it in turns to prepare and lead the study and as each of us brings our own viewpoint, we have had some interesting and stimulating discussions.  Over the past 10 years we have covered a wide variety of topics including the Gospels, Women in the Bible, Relationships, the Parables and the Ten Commandments.

Leader is Ainslie James


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