Our Vision

St Michael’s Church Vision Statement

We exist by the grace of God.

In the power and with the guidance of the Spirit we seek:-

  1. To Go Deeper into God:-
    1. inspired by worship centred in the prized liturgical and musical/choral Anglican Parish Communion tradition, (9)
    2. and also prepared to experiment, diversify and develop, (7)
    3. informed by thoughtful, prayerful Biblical preaching, individual and corporate study, reflection and prayer, and teaching which seeks to engage with contemporary issues. (9)
  1. To Transform Communities:-
    1. by building up our own church community, (5)
    2. by praying for the needs of the world, (0)
    3. through the daily work and life of our members, (5)
    4. by compassionate loving care, within our fellowship and reaching out to our neighbours, (9)
    5. through generous giving to charities, (0)
    6. by service in community groups and local Christian projects, serving our community needs, often in collaboration with CTBS. (6)
  1. To Make New Disciples, positively seeking to share our faith:-
    1. through preparation for sacramental ministries of baptism, communion and confirmation, (3)
    2. with new worshippers, attracted by the heritage of our building, our music and worshipping tradition, civic and school worship, or weddings and funerals, (8)
    3. particularly with the community of St Michael’s School, whose link with us affords valuable opportunities, (5)
    4. in both newer ways of worshipping, particularly with young people and children as well as older ones. (4)

We long, in our frail humanity, to find God empowering us to follow Jesus, with generosity and joy, imagination and courage.

Edited and agreed at PCC – 21/11/16.

The numbers indicate how many PCC members identified each particular clause as one of four ‘Personal passions’ they were asked to nominate, to give a clue as to which aspects of this vision we may in fact be most passionate about.

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