St Michael’s Families Away Day 6 May 2017

What possible goals might God be giving St Michael’s?Nurture

The following is the list of ideas and suggestions that came out of the Families Awayday on the 6th May. PCC members have resolved to investigate and develop some of the Awayday suggestions, seeking to do so in partnership with others in the church community. If you feel that God is calling you to help with any of these ideas, please respond on the feedback from at the end of this page.

  • Engaging with Stortford North.
  • A short Discipleship course with emphasis on Food
  • Opportunity for sharing our Faith stories in various contexts
  • I would like to make a Christian Rock band
  • Easier to join a Home group? Every year new info – whats happening in other groups
  • All to be part of a Home group – even if only nominally (to be prayed for) – Unity
  • For our time sparse young families – multi uses in worship (Tiny Tots with proper toddler group, food with worship – breakfasts at eg 10am, curries at 6pm)
  • Parish Praise overhaul: actual worship for babies/toddlers, teenagers. (Not descriptive/instruction about church groups). Expressing our love of God.
  • A service specifically to ask God for new people to serve as there needs to be younger people
  • Expand and support Messy Church and children’s ministry  – timings? style?
  • Have a short Christian verse outside the Church (changed each week) to attract people just passing.
  • Promote/advertise home groups – so that new people have a chance of fellowship and support
  • Home group intro service. Home group sessions linked to the weekly services.
  • Fresh Expressions – the Church needs to be prepared physically in order to provide different styles/forms of worship in the future. TVs – get rid of printed sheets. Get a company in to suggest what could be done that’s non-evasive and is economically viable
  • Employ a youth/family worker a few hours a week to unify St Mikes youth
  • A sharing service of our faith journey – mix us all up and encourage us in small groups to share/listen
  • Coffee mornings (Saturdays?) for free to encourage anyone into church – opportunity for others to experience God’s love without being asked for cash
  • Welcomers/Sidespeople outside (if weather permits).
  • FAMILIES – meeting their needs.
  • Dads and dads who are carers – men’s group revamped/re established
  • Mums – tiny tots up to age 2, revamp, modernised,  combined with a toddler group (rota led in the whole church.
  • Youth – all youth groups brought together – more encouragement to work together in CTBS/HBW etc….
  • Badges to wear to show we are Christians at work
  • Some sort of evangelism at the station for commuters
  • Adapt church – proper AV system
  • Morning café pre-10am Sundays – hot drinks, squash, pastries and cakes
  • Put more expression into our worship – singing and responses which will help us to feel our collective love for God. Taking our joy to others
  • Demographics as to who makes up our church etc. Parents, commuters, retired people
  • Process to match vacancies to potential helpers and identify talents (database)
  • Please could we have a “modern” Prayer Tree – near the entrance so that it can be seen easily and be meaningful  
  • Promote what we currently do better
  • Prayer, Pie, Pints – reach out to 20s/30s/40s in a social context
  • Only do what we can do well. Use limited resources (people) efficiently.
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Recognise that some people are scared by expressions of strong outward faith – services like evensong have an important role to play – non intrusive worship
  • Begin with prayer – encourage one another to pray for specific people to come to faith in Christ
  • CTBS to support each Church (to continue) to build on its own strengths.
  • Explore the possibilities of a weekly drop in centre for ALL in OUR church centre.
  • School parents coffee morning after drop off at school – talk about being a Christian
  • SOS board at back of Church – people in need of items/services (can you help/lend?)
  • Activity/ideas board for people to show interest to ensure start up in worthwhile.



Many thanks from all at St Michael’s Church.

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