Clergy Letter for March 2017, by the Rev’d Emily Davis

LentI recently heard someone comment that their waistband had begun to feel just that little bit tighter in recent weeks. ‘But it’s okay’, they mused, ‘Lent is soon and I’m sure that will help.’ I’m sure it will! For in our modern times, Lent has become this somewhat secular season of slightly smug self-improvement. We cut back, we resist those little temptations, and all being well we may even lose a pound (lb) or two!

Lent is certainly not (I say a little thankfully) the season of intense catechism, fasting and spiritual preparation that it once was. But I think we can still seize it as an opportunity to stop and reflect upon our faith and spiritual wellbeing.

You may still like to keep some tradition and give something up. I often still do, but whatever we might gain (or indeed lose) with it, when we face the temptation its worth trying to see that as a reminder of our humanity, our weakness and frailty, and ultimately a sign of our dependence upon God for His strength, grace and salvation.

But then you might instead rather take something up! You could try taking on a new pattern of prayer or make extra time to read the Bible over the six weeks of Lent. There is also the St Alban’s Diocesan Challenge which I know a number of you have done in the past and gained something from. Details of this can be found on our church website.

You might this Lent, simply like to take up the opportunity to come to the seasonal activities and events here at St Michael’s Church. Full details of these can be found on the Lent leaflet, the website Events page and our social media pages and absolutely all are most welcome.

Whatever you decide to do – to give up or take on – to mark this rather distinctive and special Christian season, may I wish you a very spiritually fruitful and reflective Lent.


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