What is the Christmas story all about?

What is Christmas all about? What does the Christmas story really mean – 2000 years later? What does it mean for you?

If you’ll be sharing the Christmas story with your young (and not quite so young) ones this Christmas season, then here are a couple of really good and useful resources.

For Children – produced by the Bible Society this video tells the Christmas story and then seeks to explain why it is so important by talking about what happened to Jesus after Christmas, once he grew up. If you come to our Crib service this year, then you may well just recognise some of the images.


As an alternative, last year the Bible Society produced this video. It briefly tells the Christmas story but sets it within the story of God’s salvation history from the very beginning with Creation. It then leads on to explain why the Christmas story matters to us today and why we celebrate Christmas. If you were at our Crib service last year, you may remember the poem.


For Youth – for slightly older children this video, produced by SchoolsWorkUK, seeks to explain why the Christmas story matters to us today. Who is Jesus to us: Truth or Fairytale? And what exactly does it change if we believe that Jesus came to earth, to be with his people, all those years ago?


If you’re wondering how to share the Christmas story – and why it matters – with your young people this Christmas season, then we hope you find these resources helpful.

If you’d like to come and share the Christmas story with us at St Michael’s Church, then all of our Christmas services can be found here: Christmas Services. The Crib Service on Christmas eve is particularly popular with children and families together. Older children and youth might like to come and experience our slightly more traditional, but classic, services of Nine Lessons and Carols or The First Holy Communion of Christmas (Midnight Mass).


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