Thought for the Week – 17th Sept 2015

Earlier this summer I attended the wedding of two of my closest friends. It was a wonderful occasion and joyful celebration although it also contained one hint of sadness. Unfortunately they were not able to marry in the church of their faith because they happened to both be of the same gender; this is because the Church of England in which I minister does not recognise same-sex marriage which is deeply saddening to myself and many of its’ members.

The God that Christians believe in is love and by sending his only son, Jesus, into the world to die for our sins, God showed the world the most radical and all-giving kind of love there is. Christians believe that we are all God’s creation, lovingly and wonderfully made, and God loves us for who we are and as we were created. In turn, we believe that we are then called to love and celebrate others for who they are and as they were created.

It’s not always the easiest of tasks, we are human too and have the same temptations to box in our ideas of right and wrong, to cling to our traditions and fear that which we do not know or understand. But as Christians we recognise that we are all made perfectly in God’s image and are equally loved and cherished for who we are, regardless of sexuality, appearance, whether we are introvert or extrovert, whatever our wealth or status. Whoever you are, know that you are wonderfully made and created to love and be loved.

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